Inkclaw Dagger Tattoo Rotary Short Professional Pen Machine (Gunmetal)


The "Dagger" tattoo short pen is designed for powerful lining as well as efficient color packing. Compared to a simple direct drive short pen, the "Dagger" adopts a direct-drive plus multiple wheels drives, which gives the "Dagger" a way bigger 430g torque. And by using this structure, you can barely hear any noise from the "Dagger" pen. Of course, the motor of the "Dagger" tattoo pen is highly customized, it's powerful and stable.

  • 12V RPM 10500/ Torque 430g/ Super Silent
  • Stroke 4.0mm
  • Tattoo Pen Length: 10CM
  • Aviation aluminum CNC crafted Body and grips
  • Net Weight with 28mm grip is 122gram
  • Standard Set includes: 28mm grip, RCA cable